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securesoftware readers want to know which software is secure. Some messages explain security holes in existing software. Some messages explain fixes: updates or replacements that don't have the holes.

The word ``security'' here refers to what attackers can do. The question of what attackers are doing is a minor side issue; there are other mailing lists where people can satisfy their morbid curiosity. We want systems that attackers cannot exploit.

securesoftware is dedicated to operating systems and applications that are available to the public free of charge: Linux, for example, and Netscape. We don't want to pay for software; we don't think that paying for software is going to make our computers secure; and we're tired of hearing commercial advertisements for security tools that never live up to the hype.


securesoftware competes directly with bugtraq. There are several reasons that, as a subscriber, you will find the securesoftware mailing list more useful than bugtraq:

As a contributor, you will find securesoftware more responsive than bugtraq. If you use the proper subject-line format, your message will be distributed immediately; if you don't, your message will be bounced immediately. Try sending your message to both securesoftware and bugtraq, and see what happens!

securesoftware is run by me. It is not operated or endorsed by SecurityFocus.com, the commercial operators of bugtraq.